St.Nicholas and St.Anthony


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kostel mikulas

st. Nicholas

According to legend, the citizens decided to send two bullocks with stones and where they will stop there begin the construction of a new church. The next day, bullocks were found in Poruba on the spot where now stands our church of St. Nicholas. At this point, was a Gothic church built in the 14th century by Adam of Kornice. Date the current status of the baroque church is not known, but its history goes back to the 15th century.

kostel antonin

St. Anthony

The foundation stone church of St. Anthony was consecrated in 1995 in Olomouc by Pope John Paul II. during his second visit of Czech republic. In 1997 construction was begun, designed by architect Jan Kovar. Construction of the church lasted 10 months, height of the tower is 32m, the length of the church is 28m, the builder was Vitezslav Kresina. Church of Sts. Anthony was ordained by bishop Lobkowicz on June 13 1998.